My professional career took off while I was attending college in Barcelona. From 2004 through 2015, I was employed by Deutsche Bank, Endesa, LG Electronics, and Banco Sabadell.

Those salaried jobs were linked to the customer service sector. My duties mainly consisted of communication, marketing, and operational tasks. These often involved the use of foreign languages, as well as translation, editing, and interpreting services that I personally provided or supervised.

At Banco Sabadell (2009–2015), I was introduced to project management. My role as a social media manager allowed me to listen to customers, plan the scope of action, execute and monitor cases, and provide satisfactory solutions.


In 2010, I received my B.A. in Translation & Interpreting from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). I majored in Translation from English into Spanish and Catalan; and minored in Linguistic and Cultural Studies in French, German, and Russian. My central fields of study were:

► Consecutive Interpreting
► Documentation, Technology, and IT applied to Translation & Interpreting
► Foreign Languages (English, French, German, and Russian)
► General Translation
► Mother Tongue Languages (Catalan and Spanish)
► Simultaneous Interpreting
► Specialized Translation (Audiovisual, Legal, Literary, and Scientific)

Soon after, I launched my freelance career by creating BPM Traducciones to provide translation, interpreting, editing, and language instruction services. My business partner and I managed a brand that worked with clients such as AudioProjects, Copisa, Delphi, Ficosa, Galeria Àlex Telese, Louis Vuitton, Tatay, and Volpak.

Antoni Maroto, CT - Logo

In 2016, I relocated to Chicago to focus full-time in my career as a language professional. I created my personal brand AntoniMaroto.com to offer language consulting and services to individuals and businesses in English, Spanish, and Catalan.

As a translator and editor, I specialize in audiovisualfinancial, legal and medical documents, including:

Agreements · Certificates · Diplomas · Disclaimers ·
Fact sheets · Forms ·  Instructions · Prospectuses ·
Records · Reports · Statements · Transcripts

Due to confidentiality agreements, I cannot reveal the names of most of my clients. Still, I can state that my portfolio encompasses the following companies: American Jewish University, Covenant Health, GoPro, and Nike. I’ve also worked with various agencies, such as Deluxe, Heron Language Services, Translation Path, and UExams.

My body of work includes subtitling and transcribing, which involve translating and/or editing audiovisual content. Besides, I’ve practiced as an interpreter at several law firms in the Chicago area. My specialties are arbitrations and depositions that deal with professional and medical negligence.


In 2017, I passed the exam to become a certified translator (EN>ES) by the American Translators Association (ATA). The ATA certification is of the industry’s most respected credentials. It seeks to elevate professional standards and recognize translators who possess the knowledge and skills to provide quality work.

Since 2018, I’ve been working as a project manager as part of the Multilingual Connections team. My duties comprise planning, scheduling, and monitoring translation and transcription projects from inception through final delivery while ensuring optimal workflow and meeting deadlines.

Additionally, I volunteer as a translator and proofreader for Translators Without Borders (TWB). I’ve assisted the following organizations: Consortium for Street Children, Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies, eCancer, and College Possible.

To get a more exhaustive look at my career, please visit my LinkedIn.