Fetch! (and other Side Jobs)

My professional career took off in 2004 when Deutsche Bank hired me temporarily through a vendor (TGT). I was a college student, and I needed to support myself. Most of my jobs during my college years were related to the customer service field (at least on paper if you know what I mean). They included communication in several languages, which would sometimes lead to translation, interpreting and editing work.

In early 2008, I found myself needing some extra money. I took a bartending job for a company called Gal Gali 2003 SL. I worked Friday and/or Saturday nights until I was promoted at Banco Sabadell in late 2010. I had just completed my BA in Translation & Interpreting. Bartending was a learning experience. The fact that I don’t list this job on my resume (or on LinkedIn) is because it’s completely unrelated to my path as a language professional.

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After choosing to move to the United States, I quit my job at Banco Sabadell. Instead, I took a temporary job as a technical support specialist for Google through its vendor Sellbytel in 2016. I don’t list this job either, because it was a short-lived, laid-back gig that allowed me enough spare time to organize my relocation from Barcelona to Chicago.

Although I had managed BPM Traducciones for some years, I never committed myself to make it my only full-time job. I didn’t believe in myself enough. But I was determined to make it as a freelance translator once in Chicago. My first step was to become a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) to get certified. The ATA certification is one of the industry’s most respected and recognized credentials.

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If you work freelance, you know it takes time to build a client portfolio to get work on a regular basis. It also takes a lot of patience, since you’ll come across cheap people (and scammers!). I wanted to have a steady income to make ends meet, but I didn’t want to take on a full-time salaried position. That’s how I took a side job as a pet care professional, which allowed me to work as needed and have a flexible schedule.

Throughout 2017, I worked for Fetch! Pet Care. They are America’s largest and most trusted provider of professional pet sitting and dog walking services. I had always found looking after animals very fulfilling at a personal level. My services included dog walking, cat visitation, aquarium maintenance, overnight sitting and administering medicines. I often bond quickly with cats and dogs. This contributes to noted improvements in their behaviors.


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I’m very grateful for this job since it also allowed me to get to know the city of Chicago and meet new people. It boosted my self-confidence as well. It wasn’t easy to resign, but I had to make a move to keep growing as a language professional. I wish the company all the best.

Last, but not least, I want to pay tribute to the following cats and dogs for making this job a unique, beautiful and unforgettable experience:

Lulu, Annalise, Tank, Moose, Emme, Rufus, Bo, Enzo, Aces, Shae, Dylan, Chelsea, Tilapia, Brutus, Chewie, Jodee, Gene, Louise, Princess, Jack, Floyd, Maizy, Boo, Lola, Zoey, Magneto, Smokey, Tiger, Gus, Kodac, Cat, Anakin, Kitty, Mattie, Hunter, Miley, Daisy, Zippy, Ava, Allie, Homer, Loki, Juniper, Fritzel, Maddy, Misty, Fitzy, Fritz, Star, Chachi (of blessed memory), Milo (dog), Colby, Marley, Zorra, Mimi, Millie, Sweet Pea, Cleo, Milo (cat), Bella, Matty, Oscar, Claus, Specs, Sam, Diane and Ellie.

You’ll always have a place in my heart – and in my photo albums. I’ll miss you!

These are some of the reviews I got during my time with Fetch! Pet Care:

“It’s such a comfort to know that someone is bonding with my dog and treating him well. Antoni is great.” – Ariane Janz

“I love that you get to meet your pet sitter first, so you know who will be in your home and caring for your pet. It’s also nice getting a text message after the sitter is with your pet with a quick update and letting you know how your pet is doing.” – Tiffany Hanken

“Convenient, reliable, with exceptional service to my animals.” – Susan McAleer

“Antoni is always available and reliable. He keeps us updated on what was done at each visit along with cute photos of our cats, so we don’t have to worry. Would definitely recommend.” – Jennifer Toi Valentine

“Convenient service request process. Walkers are kind and courteous.” – Amy Richards

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