I mostly discuss politics only in private. But after being given a chance to write for one of my favorite magazines, I’ve decided to touch on a topic that I’ve witnessed evolve from being marginal to becoming central.

Although I’ve been calling Chicago home for more than a year, I’m originally from Barcelona. On my old blog Toni Sees The World, I wrote about Catalonia’s history, culture, language, anthem, and flag:

Els Segadors

Recently, I read an article in which the author, Liel Leibovitz, encouraged people to support Catalonia’s independence. The article explains that nearly 1,000 people were injured as Spanish riot police bashed people for trying to exercise their democratic right and vote in a referendum that concluded with 90 percent of Catalans favoring independence.

I wrote an email to Tablet Magazine to thank them for covering the news. As a Catalan Jew who believes in independence, I told them about my background and my first-person account of the events that have led to this moment. Their answer was an invitation to write an article about it, which was published on October 9th, 2017:


Again, I want to thank Tablet Magazine for inviting me to write for them. I had already been reading them since 2014. They’re a daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture. Founded in June 2009 by Alana Newhouse, it’s considered “a must-read for all young politically and culturally engaged Jews,” according to New York Magazine.

!כל טוב

When I wrote this article, Catalonia was still part of Spain. On October 27th, 2017, Catalonia became an independent state: Visca Catalunya!

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