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Introduction was the title of my first post on this blog. Since it mostly focused on my professional career (although it mentioned books and music I like, as well as places I’ve visited), I’ve been wanting to write something more personal:

My first name is Antoni. It’s a familiar name in Catalonia and Poland. Friends call me Toni, which might be confusing for some people in English-speaking countries because it’s thought to be a short form of female names such as Antonia or Antoinette. Therefore, some people will use Tony instead, even though Toni is actually a unisex name.

My last name is Maroto. My father always said it comes from Mallorca (Balearic Islands) and it’s thought to be a variation of the Italian surname Marotto, which is most prevalent in the island of Sardinia. Since my ancestry includes Sardinian, that makes a lot of sense. Besides Iberian, I’m also of Irish and Eastern European Jewish descent.

Antoni Maroto

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I’m indeed a Jew. That means I also have a Hebrew name: אמוץ חיים (Amotz Chaim). Amotz means strong, brave. It’s a biblical name: Amotz was the father of the prophet Isaiah, whose teachings praise non-violence and reverence for life. Chaim means life. According to the teachings of Kabbalah, this name helps a person to remain healthy.

I’ve already written on this blog that I’ve been an ex-smoker since 2014. I don’t like drugs – addiction is not beautiful. I only drink alcohol on special occasions; if I can, I’ll have grape juice over wine. I love drinking juice, especially if made with berries, and herbal teas (hibiscus is a favorite). My fruit of choice is pomegranate.

My love for animals led me to become a vegetarian in 2007. In addition, I work part-time looking after pets when their owners spend long hours, or days, out of their homes. I often bond quickly with cats and dogs, which contributes to noted improvements in their behaviors.

In fact, proof of that is my cat, Buster. He was born on July 4th, 2005 (so he’ll be cat mitzvah in 2018). His previous owner was my friend Lydia Lunch, who was also my matchmaker. I’m eternally grateful to her for introducing me to the man that today is my husband: Edgar Amaya.

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