My professional career started while I was attending college in Barcelona. From 2004 through 2015, I worked as a salaried employee for several companies: Deutsche Bank, Endesa, LG Electronics and Banco Sabadell. These jobs focused on communication, which often involved the use of foreign languages and/or translation services that I provided myself.

In 2010, I got my bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). I majored in Translation from English into Catalan and Spanish, and minored in Linguistic and Cultural Studies in French, German and Russian.

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Soon after, I launched my freelance career by creating BPM Traducciones to provide services as a translator, interpreter, editor and language instructor in English, French, Catalan and Spanish. My business partner and I managed a brand that worked with firms such as: AudioProjects, Copisa, Delphi, Ficosa, Galeria Àlex Telese, Louis Vuitton, Tatay, and Volpak.

I relocated to Chicago in 2016 to expand my business. Ever since, I’ve taken on a variety of projects, most of them in the legal and medical fields. Currently, I’m providing translation, editing, interpreting, writing, transcription and subtitling services. My working languages are English, Catalan and Spanish.

My clientele includes companies from industries as diverse as the audiovisual, education, financial, gastronomy, healthcare, law, marketing and technology sectors. Some of the firms I’ve worked with are: American Jewish University, Covenant Health, Deluxe, GoPro, and Nike.

In 2017, I became certified in translation from English into Spanish by the American Translators Association (ATA). In addition, I started studying for a master’s degree in Audiovisual Translation (localization, subtitling and dubbing), which is organized by the Universidad de Cádiz (UCA) and the Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción (ISTRAD).

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I’ve also partnered with UExams to assist students to read and understand questions, and input their answers onto paper and computerized exams. I help people with disabilities and language barriers, without jeopardizing the security of the exams.

At present, I’m seeking new translation challenges in the financial field. My past experience involved translating marketing content, reports and technical data sheets for financial entities, such as Banco Sabadell and Deutsche Bank. I’m looking to translate factsheets and prospectuses for asset management and investment firms.

I’m volunteering as a translator and proofreader for Translators Without Borders. I’ve assisted organizations such as the Consortium for Street Children (CSC), the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE), eCancer, and College Possible.

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