Fun Facts

  • My name is Antoni, a familiar name in Catalonia and Poland. Yes, your autocorrect function is wrong: it’s not Anton, Anthony, Antony, or Antonio, so please don’t translate it.

  • I’m originally from Barcelona (Catalonia), but I’ve also been a resident of Galicia and Aragon (Spain) and Ireland. I relocated to the state of Illinois (USA) in 2016.

  • According to my parents (of blessed memory), the surname Maroto originated in the Balearic island of Mallorca. However, it may have arrived there from the Italian island of Sardinia.

  • My ancestry is essentially Mediterranean—mostly Iberian and Italian, with distant Balkan, Northern African, and Middle Eastern roots. DNA tests assume that I could also have British/Irish ancestry.

  • I’m Jewish, and my Hebrew name is אָמוֹץ חַיים (Amotz Chaim). Amotz means strong, brave. Chaim means life.

  • The suffix CT stands for “Certified Translator.” Only ATA-certified translators are entitled to use this designation after their full name.

  • Although English is not my mother tongue, it has been my primary language for years. Catalan is my first language, and Spanish is my native language.

  • At present, I’m studying Hebrew. I’ve taken French, Galician, German, and Russian in the past.

  • From 2003 through 2010, I was involved in several music projects, including Conde Orlok, which was featured in the book Music To Die For (Mercer, Mick; London: Cherry Red Books, 2009).

  • My favorite music band is The Smashing Pumpkins. You can check my Spotify account to see more artists that I like to listen to.

  • In 2007, I became a vegan. My chief motive is compassion for animals. I’m also a bird watcher and a former pet sitter.

  • My favorite restaurants in the Chicagoland area are Kal’ish, Vegetarian Express, Kitchen 17, Native Foods, Chicago Diner, Alice & Friends’ Vegan Kitchen, and Blind Faith Cafe. I love Italian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern cuisines most of all.

  • I’ve been an ex-smoker since 2014. I believe that the key to remaining smoke-free is to give up the control fantasy. The only way to conquer addiction is by cutting it entirely off.

  • Love is what admittedly brought me to America in the first place. After living in the Chicago neighborhoods of Lakeview and the Loop, I’m currently based in Evanston with my husband, Edgar Amaya.

  • I used to have a cat called Buster (of blessed memory), which came via a friend/matchmaker: artist Lydia Lunch. In 2018, I welcomed another cat named Batsheba.

  • Hiking, skating, and biking are some of my favorite pastimes. I use a Citizen bike for long rides. For short rides and commuting purposes, I prefer to use Divvy.

  • To this day, I’ve never owned a car. However, I’ve had a driver license since 2001.

  • Some topics I like to check are meteorology, snow and ice extent, time zones, and astronomy.

  • The only social media where you’ll find me is LinkedIn. If you want to keep up with my content, please enter your email below and click subscribe:


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